Fees & Charges 2016-2017

The Association may sponsor a Junior Club or Clubs, the members of which shall be under the age of 18 years and such members shall be permitted and allowed the following privileges:

The privileges of playing on the course and use of the facilities of the Clubhouse subject to any restrictions prescribed by the Liquor or Gaming Machine Acts. The privileges of participating in Association competitions and representative events upon such terms and conditions, including the payment of such fees and subject to such restrictions as the Association may from time to time determine. On attaining the age of 18 years, the membership of a Junior Member shall immediately terminate but he or she shall be entitled to apply for membership of the Association in the class for which he or she is qualified to join subject to payment of the prescribed fees and according to any By law introduced by the Board of Directors.

Any person joining the club joins as a 12 month member, the option of paying in two installments will be available but if that person decides to leave after 6 months the other 6 monthly installment will remain as a debt and will be required to be paid to the club.

Members wishing to pay their fees in two six monthly payments will be charged an admin fee. The first installment will be made up of half the Annual Subscription plus the full Affiliation Fee, Golflink Fee and Insurance, The Admin Fee charged will be $27.50 per installment.

Nomination Fees can be paid over 3 years but if a member decides to resign before fully paying the Nomination Fee, the remaining installments shall be treated as a debt and will be required to be paid to the club.

Annual Fees for Joining Members

New Members whose nomination form is received after 30th October will be required to pay pro rata percentage of applicable Annual Fee, based on a monthly basis.

Annual Subscriptions: $144.00
Insurance: $21.50
Affiliation Fee: $54.75
Golf Link: $2.75
Annual Subscriptions: $144.00
Insurance: $21.50
Affiliation Fee: $56.25
Golf Link: $2.75
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