Birds of Maroochy River Golf Club Book

Birds of Maroochy River Golf Club Book

Vets member John Sandow is known around the club for his interest as well as knowledge of birds.  John has been studying birds going back years to his sailing days where the only things he saw out at sea were the waves and numerous species of birds that accompanied him on his travels.

John has been interested in birds and their antics and habits for a long time.

People at the Club would ask others what bird is that?  With the answer often being, “Go see John Sandow, he knows about birds.”  After getting asked by a few fellow golfers about what birds are what, John decided to put together a catalogue of birds titled, ‘Birds of Maroochy River Golf Club’.

The book now resides in the foyer of the club for the benefit and education of our members and visitors.  I recommend it to all to pick it up and have a read.  The book took John about a month to put together, taking photos and researching bird reference books.

Well done John, the book is fabulous.