Course Tour

Risk & Reward

Maroochy River is a classic risk versus reward layout. Each hole provides a safe option where a bogey – sometimes a par – is almost certain. But the course also tempts the adventurous and ambitious to squeeze a few more metres out of the drive, or to take on a devilishly placed pin. That’s when the carefully placed bunkers come into play, and a player runs the risk of his ball rolling off the sides or back of the green. That’s part of what makes this a great golf course. The waterways (there is water on almost every hole), rolling fairways and feature walls snaking through much of the course make for a stunning vista, while bunkers and bunker islands break up the fairways. In the distance, the iconic Mount Coolum dominates the skyline, keeping an imposing eye on the play. All in all, a magnificent spectacle.

Course Tour – Front 9

Course Tour – Back 9

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