A nomination fee is applicable to memberships.

  • Full member and restricted members: Series 1 $1500
  • Country membership: $1500
  • Student membership: $850

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Any person who is eligible for membership of the Association under these Rules may be elected in accordance with provisions contained herein as a Full Member of the Association. Full members shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings and subject to the Rules concerning the election of the Board of Directors are entitled to be elected to the Board. He or she shall be entitled to all privileges connected therewith but be subject to all disabilities and obligations as a Full Member. DOWNLOAD NOMINATION FORM

Any person who would otherwise be eligible to be a full member of the Association in accordance with Rule (11) 2 but who chooses not to play golf on Saturdays, other than as a visitor, may be elected in accordance with the provisions contained herein as a 6-day Member. Subject to Rule (8) 6-day Members shall be entitled to attend meetings of the Association and shall be entitled to vote or hold office. DOWNLOAD NOMINATION FORM

Only persons whose permanent place of residence is, located more than fifty (50) kilometres from the Association Clubhouse shall be eligible for election and to remain Country Members. Country Members shall be entitled to the same privileges as Full Members except the right to vote and to play in any Honour Board event and Club Championships. DOWNLOAD NOMINATION FORM

The Association may sponsor a Junior Club or Clubs, the members of which shall be under the age of 18 years and such members shall be permitted and allowed the following privileges:

The privileges of playing on the course and use of the facilities of the Clubhouse subject to any restrictions prescribed by the Liquor or Gaming Machine Acts.

The privileges of participating in Association competitions and representative events upon such terms and conditions, including the payment of such fees and subject to such restrictions as the Association may from time to time determine. On attaining the age of 18 years, the membership of a Junior Member shall immediately terminate but he or she shall be entitled to apply for membership of the Association in the class for which he or she is qualified to join subject to payment of the prescribed fees and according to any By law introduced by the Board of Directors. DOWNLOAD MEMBERSHIP FORM

Club storage is available by arrangement with administration for an additional $5.00 per week.  Club storage is complimentary for longer temporary memberships. DOWNLOAD NOMINATION FORM

Monthly Direct Debit

  • Members wishing to take up this offer are required to complete a Direct Debit Authorisation Form (obtained from Reception)
  • There is a $5 fee per month for this option.
  • Payments are processed on the last business day of the month each month.
  • All other charges like Affiliation Fees, Insurance and Lockers & Nomination fees etc are to be paid in full with the first installment.

6 Monthly Installment

  • Payable over 2 installments
  • The first installment includes full payment of your Affiliation, Insurance, Lockers etc and half of the membership fee
  • There is a $27.50 fee per installment for this option.