Congratulations to our 50 Year & Life Members

Congratulations to our 50 Year & Life Members

The Club was recently delighted to honour its 50 Year and Life Members via the presentation of commemorative Badges and Medallions.

Michael Moore, Mary Haddon, Frank Blake, Paul McCudden and William Kelly (dec. and accepted on his behalf by Nellie) were awarded MRGC Life Member Badges. Our other living Life Member, Doug Bradford, was unable to attend the presentation to receive his Life Members Badge.

Life Members are an incredibly special category of membership at Maroochy River. To become a Life Member, an individual must be deemed to have rendered extraordinary and meritorious service to the Club for a cumulative period of at least 15 years. Upon nomination, the Board must approve a nomination and propose the individual for election as a Life Member at the Annual General Meeting.

Our two latest 50 year members (Heather Bradford & Ron Preston) were unable to attend the presentation on the night, but we’d like to recognise them also, and the qualifications for this category of Membership speak for themselves!

When all is said and done, golf clubs are just a collection of individuals who share a common passion. And yet we are much more than that. The reason Clubs like ours endure, prosper, and develop a distinctive culture over time is because some members do more than just turn up to play golf. They contribute. They give back. They build the Club along the way.

Please join us in congratulating our 50 Year and Life Members on their contributions to the Club we are today.

Greg Harding – Club Captain
Andy Meldrum – Club Vice Captain