Driving Range Etiquette

Driving Range Etiquette

With our driving range being so busy with members, visitors and the general public it is important we all do some things to make everyone’s experience of our range more enjoyable which will in turn help organise the chaos.

There are a few simple things we all can do and not do to make each other feel more comfortable and relaxed on the driving range. Whether you’re new to the game or a scratch golfer, a man or a woman, a competitive player or a weekend warrior, it’s always important to freshen up on appropriate range behaviour.

Here’s a list of modern-day range “dos and don’t s” for your next warm-up.

• Observe the signs if play is on the synthetic
• Divots Linear. If done correctly there is more grass for everyone and recovery is quicker (as per picture)
• Fill and level your divots. Every little bit helps the ground staff
• Awareness of people around you. Including talking, music, and general noise.
• Watching where you walk and golfers swing. Don’t get too close
• Hit towards the centre of the range
• Don’t aim at the ball pickers cart. There is a person driving it.
• Don’t try to collect the balls just in front of the ropes. Its dangerous! Just buy a bucket and support the club.
• Prime spots are the centre bays. If you plan on practising for a long time use the outer ones.

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