Having a Chat with Kevin Law

Having a Chat with Kevin Law

Many regular golfers will recognise Kev as one of the busy guys behind the counter in our Pro Shop. With others, he is on the “front Line” in organising fields, taking bookings, selling and servicing a range golf products etc, but do we really know a lot about him?

Hi, Kev, how long have you been associated with the golf industry, the Maroochy River Golf Club and any other clubs.

Trainee golf professional at Cronulla Golf Club and then the Australian Golf Club 1984 – 1987. I have been a member of the PGA since 1987, Head Professional at Goondiwindi (94 -97), Maryborough G.C. (98 -2019).


How long working at MRGC Pro Shop?

Coming on two years now. Time flies!


Obviously, you are a golfer. What is your handicap?

One – but haven’t really played a lot over the past 3 years.


Where do you live now, and why?

Cotton Tree – because we just love the area, the beach, all the shops & restaurants… everything is there!


Best golfing memory…. A special game, someone you played with, somewhere you played?

Probably playing at the Australian PGA at Riverside Oaks in 1987 and 1988 as my special memories. Coincidently, also my worst memories, as I missed the cut in both years!


Do you travel much, if so, when/where/how would you recommend family & friends should go?

Used to travel a lot with the family to golf tournaments. The kids also played golf, so it really was a family affair.


What is the most useful/useless talent you have?

I am a good singer – ‘specially with a few beers under the belt! (in my mind, anyway!)


What is your favourite food/meal?

Indian, and our local Japanese restaurant across the road (‘Ginger’)


Any other sport you play or follow?

NRL (Manly Sea Eagles) and obviously golf.


And finally, any ambition yet to achieve?

I really would like to do some more travelling, but I can’t see that happening in the near future.


Thanks, Kev, for taking the time to “have a chat….”.