How to Become a Better Golfer #2

How to Become a Better Golfer #2

In the last edition of the MRGC newsletter, the process of getting professional coaching was discussed – why you thought you should get your game back on track, how to approach a Professional, some of the apprehension or nerves you might experience, what steps happen during the session and how your golf game will definitely improve as a consequence of a lesson or two!

Hundreds of golfers have participated in courses, classes and individual lessons via our own Golf Performance Centre here at MRGC. Ask most participants how they evaluated the process upon finishing, and the general feeling would be “I should have done it years ago!”

Just as a reminder on the last editorial….. if your game is falling down a bit, and you are losing your enthusiasm for the game – be it your drives, irons, short game, bunkers etc, practical help and advice is available right now!

Nothing is more frustrating than continuing to make your own adjustments to your game (keeps failing), regular You Tube investigations don’t seem to cut it, constantly getting “tips” from your playing partners trying to help a mate… All these problems can magically disappear once you finally admit that you need some professional help and that you are willing to give it a go!

The major benefits to getting professional help is that not only will it be explained what it is that is currently happening with your game, but what easy steps you can make to play more constant, and, enjoyable golf! – You will be given the “tools” you need when you feel the need to improve. It will all make sense again – “I should have done it years ago!”

The next step is to check out the opportunities listed below – the classes and coaching available from both Marcus and Di who are great golfers in their own right, but more importantly, are highly qualified in understanding your situation and helping you become a better golfer.


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