LAWN Tips from the Experts

LAWN Tips from the Experts

I know we have a few members that really take some pride in the upkeep of their home lawns so I just wanted to take this opportunity to give a few tips and suggestions as to what may help you as we enter the growing season.

As you are aware its now spring and as we warm up the grass starts to come alive again and grow. A couple of things to consider now are:

  • Lawn Grubs / army worm / black beetle- Insect activity starts to appear this time of year and you want to be ahead of any damage to your lawn. Taking a proactive approach in particular if you have had been under attack in previous years and spray a preventative now. A product called Accelepryn will give about 3 months piece of mind that you are covered from decimation.

  • Fertiliser – Keeping a balanced nutrition program is a key factor in a healthy lawn. Avoid products with high soluble Nitrogen which give an instant leaf green up and flush growth. Instead look for slow release or coated nitrogen products this allows for controlled nutrient uptake giving you a more consistant and healthy lawn that you wont have to mow everyday of the week.
  • Renovation – Its a great time of the year to topdress and level your lawn. Lightly scarifying and coring helps your lawn breathe and promotes new growth.
  • Weeds – Unfortunately it is also the time that weeds begin to germinate. Think about applying a pre emergent product which will give you control of a lot of weeds before they ruin the look of your lawn and force you to chase them all season with selective herbicides.

  • An online store, Lawn Pride, that have sponsored us in a Black Swan competition last year will provide not only specialist products and helpful programs for your specific needs depending on your situation but also save you money in the long term.

I normally don’t like to promote a business in particular but they are also associated to one of our main suppliers of products we use at Maroochy River Golf Club and thought its a great site to visit for your home lawn care.