New Monthly Medal Award

New Monthly Medal Award

The Club Captain, Andy Meldrum today unveiled the Club’s new Monthly Medal and Monthly Honours Awards.

The new Monthly Medal Award is a large medal in Club Colours and finished in gold. The medal itself can be used as a large ball marker, however it also contains a smaller removeable ball marker in its centre. The smaller ball marker is double-sided. On one side it features the ‘Maroochy River Golf Club est. 2015’ logo finished in gold; and on the reverse side it features the heritage ‘Horton Park Golf Club 1950-2015’ logo also finished in gold.

To complement this, the new Monthly Honours Award is a pitch repair tool inscribed with “Monthly Honours Winner”, featuring the Club logo and finished in gold. The pitch repair tool also features a removeable double-sided ball marker magnetically attached to it, with the current and heritage logos incorporated as per the Medal.

Both awards are packaged in presentation boxes per the photo.

Very special thanks to our Vice Captain, Rod Smith who contributed many hours to sourcing and designing these new awards. Many thanks Rod!

The new awards are now on display at the reception desk of the Club.