Our Volunteers Chip In

Our Volunteers Chip In

The volunteers continue to be very active here at Maroochy River helping to keep the grounds and gardens as healthy as possible.

Renovations February 2021

Twelve volunteers recently put in nearly 100 hours, supporting the staff during the February renovations. Volunteers tackle everything from emptying grass catchers, marking sprinkler heads for the coring machines, pressure cleaning the toilet blocks, driving trucks and tractor/trailers for sanding of the greens and trying to eradicate paspalum. The time that the volunteers put in enable our paid staff under the direction of Stu Campbell, our Course Superintendent, to complete a huge body of work out on the course which keeps Maroochy River in top shape and able to cope with the huge number of golf rounds.


Jill Derwin and her helpers have been busy in the gardens around the Course toilet blocks as well as maintaining their seedling program.

Fairway Gardens

The gardens which are in play out on the course are receiving a tidy up so that our groundsman Kim and his new apprentice Cameron, can keep the weeds at bay.


Ever noticed paspalum clumps trying to take hold on some of our fairways? John Sandow does his best every Tuesday to reduce this pest.

Mini Golf

We are in the process of re-mulching the mini golf area. Our mini golf facility is quite outstanding and it draws many complements for its setting and gardens. Last year it took the volunteers four weeks to mulch the entire set of gardens, but this year, because of the vigorous plant growth, we should be able to complete the task in 2 weeks thanks to 11 volunteers who turned out on Tuesday 23rd February.

Do you have the time and the desire to see your golf club maintained to the highest possible level? We are always on the lookout for new volunteers either to help Jill in the gardens or to join the mulching/pruning/pitch mark repair crew. Contact Jill Derwin or Bob Exton.