Renovation & Volunteers

Renovation & Volunteers

The course renovations went great despite the storm that rolled through on Monday afternoon which washed out our fairway coring and rubbing in for the rest of that day. Everything is starting to thrive under the weather conditions since and we are starting to get the course back into a bit of order with regards to bunkers and weeds. The surfaces will be back to what you are used to within a few weeks.

A big thanks to the volunteer crew that turn up to assist us with the renovation through split shifts on all days to get the tasks completed on time. We achieve so much in the 2.5 days that is a credit to all the staff and volunteers.

I have to take my hat off to the 2 pictured who were on course everyday sun – mon at least 30 hours put in each.

Bruce Graham not only organised the volunteers which were a fantastic help but he carted SO MUCH sand to the wasteland area.

Dave Charlton donated his time, truck, and posi track to get the sand over to the wasteland while we had no golfers.


Here are 2 pictures I came across to help emphasize the importance of not only fixing your pitch mark in a timely fashion but also the need to correctly repair the damage.

Following on from the renovations I can’t stress enough to members to be diligent and take care of the greens to help assist the surface to return to the quality you are used to. This morning when changing holes I had to plug out a divot in the green caused by a golfers frustration. This clearly doesn’t help anyone!