Sand Loss from Bunkers

Sand Loss from Bunkers

A question the Greens Committee is often asked by Members is why our Bunker Rakes do not have long teeth or ‘tines’ as some other courses do. The wind over the last week or so is a large part of the answer!

Sand loss due to wind can be a very significant expense for golf courses, and especially so for a windswept course such as ours with 86 bunkers. The rakes we use (“The Chief” by Standard Golf) are specifically designed for firmer Australian-style bunkers. The ridges on the rake are designed to rough up the bottom of the bunker without leaving deep furrows in the surface. In our climate conditions, the raised ridges of sand that result from deep furrows would dry out extremely quickly and be blown out of the bunkers by the wind.

There is one very important tip for using our Bunker Rakes though that many people might not be aware of:

To be used effectively, these rakes require two hands. One handed use will see the rake simply slide over the top of the sand, rather than be effective in moving it.

So always either place (or gently toss) your club out of the bunker prior to raking so that you can use two hands on the rake at all times. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes!