The Lady Gardening Volunteers

The Lady Gardening Volunteers

We have a group of ten lady members who volunteer their time every Friday morning, they have over the last six years raised hundreds of trees, flowers, ground covers. Many of these plants were germinated from seed, potted and then planted throughout the course, all of the vegetation we have in the mini golf area are a result of their endeavours.

All members should be grateful for their efforts, all the gardens around the course, car park, clubhouse, mini golf, driving range are evidence of their devotion. It goes without saying thousands of dollars have been saved over that six-year period, BUT with the probable expansion of our golf facilities they will be busy for some time yet.

Then there is Kim Irwin our gardening Guru who keeps the girls honest, with his knowledge and drive is a big asset to our golf club.

The green fingers are -in no particular order are-Lyndy Jones, Clem Sutherland, Carol Mitchell, Felicity Mullins, Lyn Smith, Jill Derwin, Marilyn Graham, Lorraine Langford Lane, Nancy Chapman, Pam Busby, sorry if I missed anybody.

Please see the photos of the green thumbs!!!!

John Sandow