Wet Weather

Wet Weather

Like all you members I am well and truly over the wet weather. I was having a look at the rainfall figures from previous years and I found this interesting.

1999-Wettest year of our records            vs              Current year 2022

Jan                         157                                                                         181

Feb                        541                                                                         597

Mar                        272                                                                         213

Apr                         194                                                                         80

May                       492                                                                         619

Total to now:     1656                                                                      1690

The above figures are a comparison between 1999 which is the wettest year from our figures at Horton Park and our current year to date. Let’s hope we don’t see the same trend as that year.

Thank you all for your patience while the course was closed during the wet weather and then your cooperation when we finally returned to play albeit with both carts and pull buggies remaining on paths.

The course has Held up great with all things considering. Whilst we still are drying out observe the course condition, follow the directional signs and ropes, and please try to avoid all obvious wet spots. If someone has driven through a wet patch and made a mess, please don’t follow them through the same area. Keep in mind that this time of year is slowest for recovery and your help with minimising the damage on the course will benefit your enjoyment the next time you play.