A Depersonalised World?

A Depersonalised World?

The message I am bringing you this month is very different from what I normally present. However I am hopeful that some of you will find it worth reading and perhaps even thought provoking.

I cannot claim it as original and would like to acknowledge the author. Chris Roberts is the Founder of Engaged Marketing Pty Ltd. He is an innovative strategic marketer who has achieved record results. You may even like to read other publications of his. You will find a lot of them online if you so desire.

Here is what he said some time ago when Covid first struck us …however even with the advent of the vaccine, there are still I believe some very valid observations which can and do apply to the game and the Club we love. Some of his remarks may even help you to understand and accept some of the changes that have occurred and will continue to occur.

“The last few weeks have quite literally been a game-changer globally. As the world comes to grips with the Covid -19 in terms of limiting the spread of the virus and saving lives, the potential business impact in the aftermath could be far reaching and will affect everyone.

There are two scenarios that are possible:

1. Life goes back to normal
2. We move forward to a new state of “normal” where we begin to accept and adopt many new procedures implemented in the current situation.

“In challenging times you can either fail or you can grow to become an iconic brand with a sustainable competitive advantage.”

“This is not just a health crisis or a financial crisis but potentially disruptive of the way of life we have become used to. This change could also rapidly increase digitalisation and result in loss of traditional roles we have become used to. If customer experience becomes more digital and less personal, as a customer experience professional provider, how will you infuse emotion into this new depersonalised world so you can create experiences worthy of recommendation? ”

“Stay calm and treat this as an opportunity to look for new strategic alternatives.”

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