End of Covid Local Rules

End of Covid Local Rules

The current restrictions around outdoor sports have eased. This Saturday, 1 May will see all new local rules put in place for COVID at Maroochy River Golf Club END. We understand that it has been over 12 months since we have used the new local rules, and it may take some time for members to adjust back.

Please take your time to read this information carefully because, it may make the difference between you winning / placing on Saturday, or being disqualified.

Scoring in Stroke Play, Stableford, Par
• Players will exchange paper scorecards.
• Players / markers will sign each other’s cards prior to submitting them.
Scoring App
• Each player selects another person in the group as their marker. That person is marking and confirming the score for his playing partner.
• The self-submitting option will be turned off from Saturday. This means that you will no longer be submitting your own score, you will be submitting the score of the player that you have marked.
• If one player has the APP and another a paper scorecard, the Pro Shop will print a paper scorecard for the player with the APP, so it can be given to the marker for marking.

• Can now be removed from the hole if you wish to do so.

Members may have noticed ground staff have commenced reinstating rakes to bunkers as they are refreshed. The current local rules still applies until midnight Friday 30 April – preferred lie with one club length.

Although it has been over twelve months since anyone has raked their footprints, please consider how you would like the bunker left if your ball come to rest in the bunker. Rakes are to be returned to the centre of the bunker, facing the direction of play.

Ice-Machine / Ball Washers
The ice machine will be on for Saturday.
The ball washers are being put back out onto the course.

General Etiquette to fellow members
Saturday is Monthly Medal and at times can result in slower than normal play due to it being a stroke round. With the reintroduction of the above, members are urged to show patience and respect for their fellow golfing members. It could take us all a little while to get back into the rhythm of “Pre-COVID golfing”.

Lastly, the past 14 months or so have been trying at times for the Match Committee and myself. On behalf of the Match Committee and myself I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to all members for your vigilance, patience and understanding throughout this time.

Men’s Foursomes
The timesheet for the Men’s 27 hole foursomes is now open for Sunday 2 May. There are still 17 spots available. The timeslot that you and your partner secure for the first 18 holes, will be the same for the remaining 9. Names will be transferred into the 9 hole timesheet closer to the day.


Club Captain