Mary Haddon Celebrates 100 Year Birthday

Mary Haddon Celebrates 100 Year Birthday

Mary Haddon celebrates 100 Year Birthday. Congratulations Mary!

In spite of ongoing restrictions and the Covidsafe environment, about 70 members , friends and former members joined with the Board of Maroochy River Golf Club to celebrate the 100th Birthday of Mary Haddon.

In spite of this significant milestone, Mary still lives independently with minimal support, and continues to enjoy a competitive game of golf twice a week. The only surviving female Life Member of the Club, Mary was showered with praise and saluted by all present as an inspiration and a significant role model.

She described the evening and her Golf Bag shaped birthday cake as ” amazing” and planned to share the experience with her family at her earliest convenience. Her son John, who lives in Thailand and her grand-daughter Fiona who is living in Melbourne, were unable to be with her this year so are very happy they were here with her last year for her 99th.

On behalf of the Board, Management and all members, we hope you enjoyed the day and we all wish you the best for the future…. May you continue to play many more games of golf with your friends, family and Club-Mates.