Having a Chat with Dave Osborne

Having a Chat with Dave Osborne

MRGC Bar Manager

Hi, how long have you been a member at Maroochy River Golf Club/any other clubs?
This is my 11th year Working here at the club

Working or retired? What was main career?
Hospitality has been my profession since I was 14

Where do you live now, and why?
Mooloolaba, the best place to raise my kids

Best golfing memory…. A special game, someone you played with, somewhere you played?
I had a shot for John Gerrard last year and flushed it!

What is the most useful/useless talent you have?
Im a really good Artist and a really bad Golfer

What is your favourite food/meal?
KFC Wicked Wings are the Greatest!

Any other sport you play or follow?
I love League and Cricket and im obsessed with Fishing!

And finally, any ambition yet to achieve?
After all these years I still have not had a round of golf at Horton or Maroochy River, I probably should get to that at some point.

Thanks for taking the time to “have a chat….”.