Having a Chat with Georgie Weingarth

Having a Chat with Georgie Weingarth

Hi, Georgie how long have you been a member at Maroochy River Golf Club/any other clubs?

1967-1972 Junior member of Southport and Burleigh Heads golf clubs then I had a 42 year hiatus from golf until I joined Horton Park Golf Club 7 years ago


Working or retired? What was main career?

Retired. Customer Service Agent for Qantas Airways then Reservations Supervisor for Qantas Jetabout Holidays


Where do you live now, and why?

In 2020 moved from unit living in Cotton Tree after 17 years to a house in Buderim for peace and tranquillity.


Best golfing memory…. A special game, someone you played with, somewhere you played?

  1. Winning MaroochyRiver “Pennant Player of the Year 2018” and “Medals of Medals 2014” at Horton Park.
  1. Playing and staying at Peninsula Kingswood Country Club in the Melbourne Sandbelt.



Do you travel much, if so, when/where/how would you recommend family & friends should go?

I would recommend the 3 cruises that I have done with Silver Sea Cruise Company of the Baltic, Norwegian Fjords and the Mediterranean.

I lived in Singapore for 3 1/2 years from 2000-2003

In 2007/2008, I spent 15 months in a Winnebago exploring our beautiful country travelling round Australia with a Suzuki 4×4 in tow to discover the off-road regions.



What is the most useful/useless talent you have?

Not being able to give a quick explanation of anything instead you get the full “Reader’s Digest” version, according to my children.



What is your favourite food/meal?

Asian Fusion..Namory’s Eatery Cotton Tree.


Any other sport you play or follow?

AFL Richmond Tigers.


And finally, any ambition yet to achieve?

To experience just one “Hole in One” would be fantastic!



Thanks for taking the time to “have a chat….”.