Having a chat with Max Hart

Having a chat with Max Hart

Many of us see Max every Wednesday and Saturday mornings as he serves up sausage sandwiches and bacon & egg burgers to early morning golfers. The (now blue & white) tent is found at the beginning of the 9th and 10th holes, adjacent to the practice putting green. All players (and passer byers) are welcome to partake and have a chat to Max!

How long a member?
I have been the BBQ guy most Wednesdays and Saturdays since joining in June this year

Semi retired after about 40 years working in 2 State Government departments

Where do you live now, and why?
Now living in Marcoola after previously spending most of my life in Toowoomba.

Best Golfing Memory.
Didn’t get to play there, but Jacks Point and Millbrook near Queenstown NZ looked beautiful!

Very limited travel except for New Zealand South Island, Tasmania and a long drive to Darwin. Travel bug missed me but got my son who has visited 105 countries.

What is the most useful/useless talent you have?
Remembering lots of work stuff from the late 1970s & 80s but not remembering names of people from last week

Favourite Food.
Really enjoy eating seafood but not trying to catch it.

Any other sports you play?
I follow many sports including football, rugby league, domestic cricket {not the sandpaper users} and racing.

Finally any ambition yet to achieve?
Play more golf – 2 or 3 times a year is not enough.

Thanks for the chat, Max….