How to Become a Better Golfer!

How to Become a Better Golfer!

Looking for a New Year Resolution? How about becoming a better golfer!

If you are a golfer who has been perfecting your slice, or hook, miss-timing the ball, chips looking like a 7 Iron over the green…. (anything registering here yet?)…. or perhaps you are getting frustrated at making excuses in a game when you know no-one actually believes you!

Now is the time to do something about improving your game, and once again enjoying the experience of a good game of golf! It is not hard, it is not scary, it will have immediate effect and you will have a good guide as to what you need to do if/when the game slides a bit.


The First Step:

Make the time to talk to either Sean, Marcus or Di at the Pro Shop. Speaking to them will give them an idea as to what is going wrong and how they best rectify the problem for you. At this time, it would be good to make an appointment to see them at the Golf Performance Centre (next to the Driving Range).

The Second Step:

While you may have some “butterfly’s” happening, you will be quickly relaxed when you experience the calming words as they explain how the system works and what you are asked to do next. It is always best to do some stretching exercises first, then hit a number of balls on the driving range before getting on with the instruction phase. (This will give a more game time scenario).

The Third Step:

You will be asked to hit a number of balls down range as a video is taken from the rear and side (don’t worry, you will see how this is very important) – it sets a benchmark as to how you are preforming at the moment, and later, it will show you how much you have improved! Once you have done this, you will be shown data which has been digitally “harvested” using the video. It will demonstrate the trajectory, distance, swing speed and much more which is amazing in its own right.  Your instructor will then explain what the information means, consequences of your swing, stance, balance amongst other pointers provided.


The Fourth Step:

By suggesting only slight adjustments based on the numbers provided, you will be asked, and shown, how to bring your own golf game in to an improved line thus allowing you to hit straighter, longer and with more accuracy. The beauty of this system allows you to actually practice, to get immediate feedback of your effort, and to get the “feel” as to how to achieve the correct swing happening.  Within just a few practice shots you will have the basic information and technique in your memory bank for ever more.

Many golfers have used the Golf Performance Centre to improve their game. Many hackers, many professionals, men, women and children have turned their game around – simply admitting they need to have a tune-up by one of our own professionals.

A Testimonial – Don Hunt:

“I booked a session with a professional because I was losing my appetite for golf, not scoring well, embarrassed at my feeble golf game and constant mistakes! In less than half an hour, I had a very good grasp of what I was doing wrong and what I had to do in future.

My next 9 holes (social game) returned me 23 points – In previous games I was down to 9, 11, occasional 14 or 15 points on a good day! I am on 18 handicap at the Club. I thoroughly recommend the process of using one of our Professionals to tune up your game. The best money I have spent – the experience is priceless!”

Contact the Pro Shop now on 07 54570900 to speak to either Sean, Marcus or Di.

Sean Seymore – 0434 122 780 –
Marcus McPherson – 0438 084 906 –
Di Pavich – 0438 178 848 –

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