HUGE three days of Competition at MRGC

HUGE three days of Competition at MRGC

I would like to advise members of the HUGE three days MRGC had from Friday 27/08 – Sunday 29/08/21. Friday saw us host the Annual Grammar Rugby Golf Day. This is a new day that we have been able to add onto our corporate bookings after I was able to pitch the first class facilities at Maroochy River over Twin Waters (where the event has been held for well over 15 years). I am pleased to report that the day was a huge success with course conditions being perfect! I would like to thank Ben Dobson (Operations Manager) for his methodical planning, welcoming and friendly service given to organisers at Grammar. Although Ben is only 38 years of age, he has knowledge and experience far beyond his years, and I can see him being an asset to MRGC. I would also like to thank bar, kitchen staff and the pro shop for their efforts and professionalism.

With last Saturday our Men’s and Women’s Club Championships finally got a start. Traditionally, the first round of Club Championships is generally slower than most, and last Saturday was no different. Last Saturday we lost 20 minutes through late tee offs early in the morning and never recovered this time throughout the day. I have included some helpful reminders to assist with pace of play.

BE EARLY TO THE TEE: Make it a point to be ready and at your tee at least 5-10 minutes before your scheduled tee time.

PLAY READY GOLF: Except in Match Play, “honours” are a thing of the past. If the fairway/green is clear ahead, then someone in your group should already be hitting. Limit your practice swings/pre-shot routine to a reasonable level. If you are ready to play (and others are still walking to their ball), and it is safe to do so, then hit.

WATCH EVERY SHOT, UNTIL IT STOPS: Lost balls are a main contributor to slow play. If a wayward ball finds the rough/gardens, etc, then immediately pick a landmark (small bush, tree, discolouration, etc) and note it. Please remember there is only a 3 minute search time and this time commences when you start looking for your ball.

PARK YOUR BUGGY/BAG APPROPRIATELY: When sharing a cart, don’t wait for your partner to hit before going to your ball. Hop out with a few clubs (and a rangefinder, if you have one) and walk to your own ball while they play. When on or near the green, you should always park your cart/buggy on the side of the green which is closest to the next tee. Never leave it at the front of the green, or on the wrong side.

READ THE GREEN: When putting, determine/confirm the speed/break while your partners are playing their shots if possible. When it is your turn, you should be ready to putt immediately.

KEEP UP: The old rule rings true: keep up with the group ahead, do not just stay ahead of the group behind. If you fall behind, have a player in your group putt out, then move to the next tee while the others are putting out. When marking the scorecard, do it at the next tee, not the green.

PICK UP: If you are out of a hole, and the competition allows it, then pick up and move on.

ENJOY YOUR GAME: I am not asking you to rush through your game willy nilly. Remember, golf is a game to be enjoyed, but if we all take some of these pointers onto the course, then we can all enjoy the game together.

Sunday 29/08 we had our Junior Open combined with the District Championships. MRGC Junior members took out many of the prizes, with Ionna Muir wining the Gross Girls overall with a 72c/b. Ionna has won the majority of Junior events on the Coast and elsewhere over the years but has never been able to crack her home tournament, so this was a special win, Congratulations Ionna! Ionna has been invited to train with the Queensland golf side twice this year.

Club Captain