Incidents on Course & Pace of Play

Incidents on Course & Pace of Play

In the event of anything happening on the course, whether it be slow play or players hitting up on you, the standard operating procedure is, members should always call the Pro Shop (5457 0900) first. They can take action on the incident happening on the course. Members of the match committee can also assist where required, but rather than risk personal injuries, please follow the Standard Operating Procedure for all golf related matters.

Except in Match Play, “honours” are a thing of the past. If the fairway/green is clear ahead, then someone in your group should already be hitting. Limit your practice swings/pre-shot routine to a reasonable level. If you are ready to play (and others are still walking to their ball), and it is safe to do so, then hit.

Lost balls are a main contributor to slow play. If a wayward ball finds the rough/gardens, etc, then immediately pick a landmark (small bush, tree, discolouration, etc) and note it. Please remember there is only a 3 minute search time and this time commences when you start looking for your ball.

If your partner needs to play from a bunker, it may be advantageous to let them play first, as the rest of you can then play while he/she rakes up. If two players are in the bunker, then it may be quicker if one offers to rake up for both.

When sharing a cart, don’t wait for your partner to hit before going to your ball. Hop out with a few clubs (and a rangefinder, if you have one) and walk to your own ball while they play. When on or near the green, you should always park your cart/buggy on the side of the green which is closest to the next tee. Never leave it at the front of the green, or on the wrong side.

Club Captain