Ladies Gardening Group

Ladies Gardening Group

We are looking for more ladies to join our gardening group. We have made the decision to get together on the last Friday of each month. On these days we have two situations.

1. Meet at the Depot on Finland Road and pot up seeds or seedlings gathered from the course. These, in turn, are used to replace dead plants or for any new development.
2. Meet at the club and jobs include some weeding of the car park and mini golf. Also, there is always trimming and pruning.
3. At the end, COFFEE …and a chat.

We are also on the lookout for donations of used pots from probably about 12cm through to 25cm.

I am sure that you are all aware of how good the course and mini golf look to members and guests and we are all very proud of our contribution.

Thanks, also, to the many members who have donated plants and cuttings.

Remember, Volunteers, donated plants, donated pots save many dollars for the club!