Safety Protocols

Safety Protocols

As we are now officially in summer and with our wildlife becoming more active and the heat more prominent, it is pertinent to provide members with some simple safety procedures.

Protocols for Safety Incidents on Course

In the event of Life Threatening Emergencies – this can include snake bite.

  • Ring Triple Zero (000) – Secondary Number is 112 from mobile phones only. Request the required emergency service, (Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Police) in all emergencies (non-emergencies see below)
  • Provide details of persons location on the course and the best entrance to get to that location ie.  Front entrance to parking lot and Clubhouse for front 9 holes or entrance via Finland Road for back 9 holes. Remember back entrance will be closed from around 2pm and on weekends.
  • After calling the emergency services, contact the Club First Aider (Staff from the F&B Team, Pro Shop and Greenkeepers) to inform them of the situation.

Non Life-Threatening Emergencies:

  • For non-life threatening such as heat stroke or dizziness, contact the Pro Shop or Clubhouse to advise them on the situation and arrange transport.
  • If the person cannot be moved, a first aider can come out and collect them in a buggy (common sense action)

Actions on the Course:

  • Stay calm
  • Make the person feel comfortable on the course and shade them the best way possible
  • Await the arrival of the Club First Aider and/or Ambulance.

After the Event:

  • An Incident Reports must to be completed immediately after the event, please see reception for the form.
  • The Incident Report will be kept on file by the Manager/Supervisor on duty at the Club.

Contact numbers:
Ambulance – Primary number 000 Triple Zero. -Secondary Number is 112 from a digital mobile phone only
Pro Shop – 5457 0900
Clubhouse – 5373 1000

Club First Aide Staff:
The Club has first aide trained staff from the F&B Team, Pro Shop and Greenkeepers who can operate the mobile defibrillator (one at Admin and one in Pro Shop) if required and can be taken on course to the person in emergencies and act as trained till the paramedics arrive. The Club mobile defibrillators will charged at all times and will be regularly tested by Club first aiders.

Please ensure that you have enough water with you and sunscreen on you. Don’t go on expeditions within the garden beds, if you can’t see it, you can’t hit it. Most importantly, keep an eye of your fellow golfers out there and keep a copy of this with you in your golf bag.

Any queries should be directed to The Captain, Jim Di Pietra or The General Manager, Charlie McGill