Using Rule 18.b or (MLR) 8E-5?

Using Rule 18.b or (MLR) 8E-5?


It has come to my attention that some members may believe and, or are using Model Local Rule (MLR) 8E-5 as an alternative to Stroke and Distance when their ball has landed OB from the 9th tee. MLR 8E-5 allows you to take a drop in the nearest spot on the fairway within two club lengths on the edge of the fairway, no nearer to the hole where the ball crossed the OB line, with a two stroke penalty.

Can I please reassure members that MRGC HAVE NOT adopted MLR 8E-5, and members only option is to proceed under stroke and distance using rule 18.b. You may play from any spot within your teeing area.

A random review of scorecards has identified that some members continue to play out a hole when they cannot score. An example of this is, Men’s Single Stableford Competition, a person on a 6 handicap recording a score of 9 or 10 on a par 4. I understand that some people have their own personal wages in games, but this could also be a direct contribution to slow play. Could I please ask members who do this, to please discontinue it? I have only found this in Single Stableford and Par Plus events.

Club Captain