We All Have To Chip In

We All Have To Chip In

It is timely that we should remind ourselves that we are living, eating, drinking and playing golf, in the new world of a global pandemic – namely Covid-19.

This means that as a golf club, we are damned if we do, and we are damned if we don’t abide by the Covid Rules sanctioned by our Government leaders which enable our club to be open to members and to trade accordingly.

All of us have seen how our southern states and other countries have been affected with Covid lock-downs, curfews, business closures, clubs unable to be open, forced employment stand downs and even worse… sickness and deaths among family, friends and workmates….

It is obvious that in Queensland, we have been very lucky that Covid has been contained to the level we are experiencing today. This is because of the strong stance taken by Government, and the manner in which the Queensland population has accepted the recommendations made to ensure our health and safety remain the status quo…. Social distancing, good hygiene, avoiding crowds, self-isolating if required etc.

Avoid a second Covid-19 wave!

While some clubs and businesses have maintained the CovidSafe Rules very well (Rules which we all must have to remain open by law), others have seemingly allowed an easing of these rules to the point they are almost non-existent!

Maroochy River Golf Club is operating under two CovidSafe plans in use, one for outdoor sports and one for use by clubs, pubs etc.

The recent easing of restrictions has seen us able to stand up and have a drink as well as the square meterage rule being modified to allow us to have 1 person per 2m² whilst outdoors, this has allowed us to have more people on the premises, but we cannot become complacent, as the restrictions slowly ease it is essential that we all maintain appropriate COVID safe practices.

Your CovidSafe Plan requirements:

1) Social distancing – Members are reminded that the 1.5M distancing rule still applies within the club. Avoid touching, shaking hands, hugging & kissing etc.

2) Maintain your hygiene – Wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer provided, avoid sneezing and coughing etc

3) Record your visit, and your companions, on the forms provided on tables and at the bar. This is for “contact tracing purposes” should they be required. This applies to all members and visitors and MUST be filled out.

4) Understand that senior staff members are also our CovidSafe Health Officers, who are required, by law, to ensure members and visitors abide by the Maroochy River Golf Club CovidSafe Plan. Please allow them the opportunity to carry out their required duty.