Check in and Check out with our QR CovidSafe APP

Check in and Check out with our QR CovidSafe APP

Over the weekend, the Premier made an announcement that all businesses have 72 hours to move away from paper-based check-ins when collecting contact tracing information.

She advised, we are giving a very clear message to our pubs, clubs and cafes right across Queensland, that you will have 72 hours to get your house in order and that means you must have QR Codes or you must have electronic devices in place, otherwise tough restrictions like we endured earlier this year will come back into play.

What does this mean for our club?

Since we are now using an electronic system of ‘sign in’, (a QR code system) that collects necessary contact tracing information, we are covered.

But it is imperative that when you enter the facility, you get out your smart phone and scan the QR code (see above). They are everywhere, you will find them at reception, the bar, Pro Shop, mini golf, on the tables and on the walls. You only need to check in at one of these locations once, e.g. if you have done it at the Pro Shop you don’t need to do it again when you enter the club.

Once you have checked in and checked out for the first time the system will remember you, making it much easier to check in the next time you visit the club, you can also place dependents in with you so a husband and wife or family can sign in very easily.

In relation to patrons who do not have smart phone technology and are unable to use a QR code system, patrons will be required to fill out the paper form which has been in use for the last few months. If using the paper based system, please ensure your handwriting is legible, as it is now a requirement for our staff to transfer the information from the paper form to an electronic system within 24 hours.

We are in this situation because people interstate have been doing the wrong thing, people have been getting complacent or they think its funny to sign the paperwork Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse, we don’t want to be the next Sydney or Melbourne, I certainly don’t won’t to remove half the chairs from the club again and make everyone sit down to have a drink, or tell the golfers they can’t have a beer on the course any more, we have come a long way since this started in March and are currently in one of the safest places in the world, let’s keep it that way, do the right thing.