Mini Golf League Kicks Off

Mini Golf League Kicks Off

Congratulations to all the mini-golfers who completed the 1st Round of the Maroochy River Mini Golf League, which was held last night. The Maroochy River Golf Club and Mini Golf would like to thank everyone for participating in our inaugural event of the Mini Golf League. Round 1 kicked off spectacularly with all 16 teams enjoying themselves. There were some fabulous shots played and some emerging superstars showing us all how it’s done.

Course Record

Course Records for the Blue & Yellow Course will be official as we alternate between courses each week.

Course Record Holder for Blue & Yellow at the end of the event will win* $50.00 on their membership card (*can only win one)

  • Round 1 Course Record Jason from Team Hacking 39 PUTTS
  • Team Score Record Kim & Stuart 44 PUTTS ($10.00 on their Club Membership Card)
  • Most Hole in Ones-Jason from Team Hacking had 4 Holes in One
  • Secret Hole in One Today 1st Hole-JACKPOTS to $20.00 next Week.


Winning Teams This Week

  • Yesberg 1
  • Matthews 1
  • Nothing But Cup
  • Hacking Team
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Roz & Dainsey
  • Greens 1
  • Covid-19

We’re encouraging our teams to be creative with their team names, so a few are starting to filter through.

Next Week’s Draw – 6.15pm TEE TIME

Please arrive by 6pm.

  1. Yesberg 1 vs Matthews 1
  2. Yesberg 2 vs Matthews 2
  3. Nothing But Cup vs Leavy 1
  4. Jeffs vs Hacking
  5. Boiled Eggs vs Roz & Dainsey
  6. Dire Straights vs Smithies
  7. Greens 1 vs Penny
  8. Greens 2 vs Covid-19


Blackboard 9” Pizza Specials

Why not come even earlier and have some dinner before you register and hit off? Our $10.00 – 9” pizza specials are available from 4pm until 7.45pm every Thursday night.

Specials also available for other dinner guests (not just for the mini-golf players), so bring your friends.

*Please note: other menu pizzas at normal prices


There were some great snaps taken of our competitors, and they are all now online.


For more photos, click here.