Playing Golf Under Covid-19 Restrictions

Playing Golf Under Covid-19 Restrictions

The ever-fluid and uncertain environment in which the Club is currently operating within has changed yet again. As previously communicated last week, Golf Australia wrote to all Clubs recommending our golf courses close in line with the comments made by the Prime Minister on Sunday 29th March and the actions being adopted interstate. As of today, this is still Golf Australia’s recommendation.

At the time of making the decision to close, there had been no formal notification from the QLD Government in respect to the Prime Minister’s announcement, and we did undertake to revisit this decision once further clarification from Government was received.

The QLD Government has now advised that the playing of Golf could continue as a form of exercise, in maximum groups of two (2) and continuing to observe social distancing guidelines.

As such the board have made the decision to open again, starting on Wednesday 8th April, this will be for Members And Members Guests Only.

Competition play will be available from 6:15 till 12:33 each day, all other time slots will be for social play only.

Please note that all previously issued timesheets have been cleared and new timesheets for the next 2 weeks will open at 6:00 pm tomorrow night (April 7th).

Tee times will be restricted to pairs and in 7 minute intervals. To comply with this, we will be introducing the following regulations and procedures:

  • Golf will only be played in groups of two (2);
  • Only one person per cart (Exception: family members living in the same dwelling)
  • Players may place 2 bags on one cart but one player must walk;
  • All players must abide with the mandatory social distancing regulations which state that you must not be closer than 1.5 metres to another person;
  • The temporary local rules brought in a few weeks ago are still in place for all players, these are – flag sticks must not be removed from the hole, all rakes will be removed from the course, players shall be able to take a preferred lie (one club length, no nearer the hole) for all ball that come to rest in a bunker. Players are also able to mark their own card, we are in the process of working with miclub to access a scoring app which will alleviate the need for paper scorecards, we will give you more information on this tomorrow.
  • All players MUST book through the electronic timesheets, walk ups will not be allowed to congregate around the Pro Shop waiting on a spot to become available.
  • Only 2 people are allowed in the Pro Shop at any one time (This includes the pro shop staff member)
  • No alcohol to be brought onto the course by players;
  • No alcohol can be sold to players;
  • When players are finished their game, all players MUST leave the course immediately and not congregate around the clubhouse;
  • Due to limited playing opportunities and unknown demand, members will only be entitled to play two or three 18 hole golf round per week starting on Wednesday 8th April. Once member demand is established, this condition may be relaxed.
  • Driving range access will be limited to 10 people in total with witches hats separating the hitting areas, You will be required to check-in with the Pro Shop before heading to the range;
  • The practice chipping/bunker area access will be limited to 4 people in total;
  • The practice putting green will remain closed;

In addition to these restrictions we ask:

  • If you are symptomatic – even if you ‘know’ it is just a cold, please stay away.
  • If you have been in close contact with someone who already has COVID-19, please stay away;
  • If you have been in close contact with someone who already has COVID-19 or otherwise subject to a Government-regulated quarantine, now including having travelled from interstate, please stay away. You are not welcome until the quarantine period has passed;
  • Respect and abide by the requirements for social distancing.

The Prime Minister has also given “strong advice” for people over the age of 70, and people over the age of 60 with chronic illnesses to stay at home. We encourage Members to heed this advice.

Our ability to stay in operation will depend on your continued strict observance of these procedures (and of course Government will).

With all Clubs, Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants being closed, Local Health & Licencing authorities are checking out Golf Courses, some members of other courses have been fined $1340.00 recently for disobeying social distancing laws, riding 2 in a cart and for joining up in a four as soon as they are out of range of the Pro Shop, we will be monitoring the situation regularly, anyone found doing the wrong thing will be removed from the course immediately and will be suspended from the club for a minimum of 3 months.

The staff will be disinfecting items such as door handles and taps around the on course amenities as well as the range bucket handles but it is also the responsibility of members to ensure they practice social hygiene while playing, both amenities buildings are equipped with soap and water and all players are advised to wash their hands thoroughly each time they pass one of the amenity buildings.

I appreciate the disruption closing and reopening has had on members, but we must make our decisions on what we have in front of us at the time.

Grant Kimmorley
MRGC President