Recommended Best Practices

Recommended Best Practices

As we enter our formal competition period for 2021, we are continually reminded of the necessity to adopt the recommended best practices to minimise risk to our players and visitors. In this regard please always remember to book in either with your phone or by the alternative manual method offered.

As well, we are ever mindful that some rules remain changed, and that may change on a daily basis. Please always check the Local Rules for the current situation. It has been clarified by GA and it is now reflected in the actual wording of our published local rule that after marking a ball in a bunker prior to taking the allowed free relief of one Club length, a player may clean the ball. Please note also that you may touch the surface of the bunker with the club as you measure that club length. However you should ensure that your action could not be interpreted as “testing the surface” of the bunker.

The next major event is the Rose Bowl on Friday 26th March. The format of this event, sponsored by Debbie Constable (Nutrimetics) has been slightly altered this year. It is a teams event of four women players. A team may comprise members of the same Club, or composite teams with players from different Clubs. There is no limitation on the number of teams from any Club, including ours. So please form your teams, with friends from other Clubs or our own Members, and ensure the day is as successful as it has always been. All details are already on the website with a link to the Jotform entry facility. Just ask if you encounter any difficulties.

Welcome to 2021! Let’s have a great year!

Carmel Smith Women’s Captain Maroochy River Golf Club